I’m a twenty-something trying to be a twenty-something while managing my type 1 diabetes (T1D). I do yoga, I hike, I eat all those superfoods, but I also have to check my blood glucose levels and bolus multiple times a day for all those yummy carbs out there.

I have found T1D to add a layer of complexity to what should be a carefree time in my life. Viewing diabetes in a negative light is easy, but with a change of perspective, I’ve found that it makes me different and I think different is worth embracing.

Balance is key here. T1D isn’t going anywhere right now, so finding the right balance in life between family, friends and school while taking care of your health is difficult. Whether you’re a type 1 diabetic or have one close to you in your life, I plan to use this platform to display how I balance a life with weekend adventures, food, and change while managing type 1 diabetes.

Welcome to my balancing act!

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